Executive Function Mentor 2: strategies

This is the second and last part of a miniseries that details my recent experience of taken on a mentor-like role in regard to executive function skills – a spin-off of Breaking the Silence. The first post outlined the context, and this one is about the actual strategies.


The Plan

I was extremely determined to be clear, unconfusing and leader-like so that my little brother Felix’s* confusion could not merge with my confusion; to outline a step-by-step path and side-step his (and mine) natural tendency to drown in details.

So I launched my raw ideas as if they were already planned out and definite tasks on the agenda. Continue reading

Executive Function Mentor 1: Why

This miniseries details my recent experience of taken on a mentor-like role in regard to executive function skills. It is a spin-off of Breaking the Silence.


I’ll first pseudo-name my brothers for the ease of writing while keeping it anonymous. I’m the oldest of four kids from two “litters” (and the only female), so there’s:

  • “Alex” – my oldest little brother who I grew up with who is now around 40, slightly younger than me
  • “Emil”, who is in his early twenties
  • and the youngest “Felix”, who is in his even younger twenties.

This is about Felix.
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The unsimpleness of everyday life

by the Doghouse Diaries

Unwritten rules*: nice little example/satire by Doghouse Diaries. The way I read it is that the white lines point out the distance of the other person relative to the one who holds the door (the drawing would work better with persons on).


* Except here they are written;-)


Don’t Fear Password Protected Posts…

I have password protected a post for the first time, and might do that with some other posts in the future.

Please note that it isn’t because I don’t want anyone to read the content, and I’ll in any case that I can imagine, will provide the password with the link.


Password protected posts aren’t private diary entries – if they were, they would be in my private diary and not the blog. They are reflections that I would love to discuss with others… That’s why they are here on the blog. The purpose with the password protection is simply to block search engines, scraper sites and similar robots from getting hold of bits and parts of complex and personal content and displaying it out of context.

In an ideal world, I would instead set selected individual posts so that “only to those with the direct link can access” (with no password protection), as can be done with Google Drive documents. That way I could link to those posts from within relevant contexts without creating any “password required” walls on the blog, so that the “protected” posts were freely accessible from within my blog, just not from search engines.

However, WordPress doesn’t currently provide that option. The only search engine-hostile option is to make the entire blog invisible to search engines (I tried today until deciding on the “password protected post” option) and that’s now what I want. Maybe I’ll work out a way to make posts search engine cloaked, yet not password protected, but so far I haven’t found a way to do that, so that’s why there is now a password protected post, and a few more may follow during the life time of this blog.


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“Why are here suddenly so many book reviews?”

“And aren’t reviews of books about wolf ecology a bit off topic?”

The reason book reviews are currently popping up on this blog on earlier dates is that I’m slowly clearing parts of my backlog of blog drafts (completing what I want to complete, and retiring the rest), and there are quite a lot of book reviews sitting in the queue, which I’m posting now as planned… but I back-date them to when they were penned on Goodreads, even if I’m revising them a bit before posting them here.

It is also to push older posts down in the archives; since such a long time has passed since some of them were written, and they’ve been sitting in the front of the blog for a long time, I think it is time to get them away from the front page.

And no, wolf ecology is not off topic… Well maybe it is now, but: I want to widen the scope of this blog to include more of my interests because: for me, they aren’t separate topics. Interests broadly meaning: topics I focus on, books I’ve read, knowledge I have, things I have experienced.

They are different lenses to look through and study a core subject which I find hard to name; but which has something to do with social relations and the variety of subjective realities experienced by individuals (humans and other animals) and how they connect, interact, share aspects of reality, and evolve over time. I guess that is called sociology, but it is also ecology and animal behaviour and dog training and many other things.

My goal is to highlight those connections and make some of the lenses that I like to look through more widely available and useful to others (eventually).



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