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Two-track writing

When writing about an experience or event in my diary, I sometimes write about it twice, so there is one version from an objectively descriptive (outward-oriented) perspective, and one version from a personal, introspective perspective.


Analogy: an experience has many layers, that can be explored separately – just like musical tracks in a music editor

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Blogging strategies against writer’s blocks

This is a brainstorm of ways to overcome barriers to blog writing and make a blog more active and interactive.

My blog’s current status is:

  • I post infrequently
  • Most of my ideas remain in incomplete draft mode forever
  • It takes a very long time to write a post
  • I write many more comments than posts (on others’ and my own blog) and they tend to be as long as posts, if not longer

Here are some ideas I’ve thought of:


1. When inspired by others’ blog posts, start the post as a sort of commentary and link back to the source of inspiration

I follow an obscene amount of blogs in my Google and WordPress RSS Reader apps. I flip through the feeds on my tablet several times a day* in my flip app and almost every day, there’s at least one post that incepts a train of thoughts I would like to turn into writing. For some blogs (like this one), it is almost every new post that has that effect.

That’s great, I just want to convert more of the inspiration into real output, not just thoughts & associations & sketchy drafts…

Sourcing topics in others’ posts is a good idea for several reasons. It creates or promotes a sort of blogosphere topic sync. I can add my own perspective to someone else’s analysis, and if more bloggers do it then one blogger’s idea can evolve into a sort of loose collaborative sub-network of personal insights around a theme (occasionally).

Win-win for both bloggers (relevant traffic) and interested readers (accessibility and coherence).

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The power of blogging (and the barriers)

This post is inspired by Blogging and Vulnerability by Andraya from Aspergers and Me, and Writing is Communication Too by Cynthia from Musings of an Aspie.

The power of blogging

A while ago, Cynthia of Musings of an Aspie wrote a great post about writing that got me thinking. She explained why she needs to write in order to shape her thoughts and communicate with others and herself, and she talks about how starting to write her blog has empowered her in her life and improved her relationships with her family and herself.

I’ve been thinking about the fact that I need to write too for the very same reasons Cynthia describes.  I can also see that writing this blog is very important to me, and I’m disappointed that I’m not keeping it up like the great bloggers whose posts I enjoy reading.

In Blogging and VulnerabilityAndraya writes about the positive impact blogging has on her life, and reflects about what it takes to write a great blog*. She reasons that the best blog authors dare to ‘put themselves out there’ and be vulnerable; and that it makes their readers able to connect with them and trust them.

The power of virtual socialising

My pen name increasingly seems like ‘the realest** me’. My virtual life  helps me to grow in all aspects of my life. The Internet is where I can express complex thoughts and feelings because I can do it the way that suits me best – in writing. On the Internet, solitude and social life aren’t enemies. And it gives me opportunity to connect with an audience*** that makes sense to me.
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