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Strategies to improve phone manners

I dread phone calls. Partly because I don’t know what to say, partly because I don’t think I have good phone manners, and partly because am distracted by background noise.

However, I do know that good phone manners are essential for success at work and for running a business, so improving my phone skills has long been high on the priority list.

Old red phone

And I have improved, at least with short predictable phone calls. They are not so dreadful and scary anymore, and my husband says that I sound professional on the phone (he runs his own business and does not BS me).

I would like to share my strategies, because they work.

First of all, it always help to break a challenge into sub-challenges:

1. Know what to say

Knowing what to say consists of two elements:

  1. Outline the purpose of the call in a few concise sentences
  2. Small talk

Professional phone calls must begin and end with small talk. (more…)