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Learning to blog I: Privacy and Relevance

There is a fine line between writing in a personable way and over-exposing one’s private life, and it is one of the trickiest aspects of blogging.

My blog started as a pure ‘how to use the Internet to be self-employed’ kind of project. I had just gone through the process of registering a company and done heaps of research about starting a small business, so I wanted to create a blog where wanna-be entrepreneurs could find useful resources.

The research could help me to expand my own small-business acumen and teach me about online marketing, business admin and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and that kind of otherwise boring things, I thought.

An overcrowded niche is not a niche

However, I soon discovered that thousands, maybe millions of blogs and websites offer advice and resources for wanna-be entrepreneurs. And SEO wizards love to blog. The world doesn’t really need one more website about those things, an it also felt a bit fake. After all, my own business isn’t running successfully, so how can I advice others? And I am not really passionate about SEO. A blog needs a Unique Point of Differentiation, just like a business. And it has to be engaging for both writer and reader, otherwise it just wastes everybody’ time.

Re-calibrating blog to relevance

To make the blog more relevant and useful, I have decided to shape it around the key challenge of my life: to make the work side of life work out.