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I Did All The Work! Executive Function Win.

I just cleared, swept and washed the floors in the living room, the two corridors, the bathroom and the kitchen. That may sound mundane, but seriously… The floors have not been properly washed in the one and a half years we have lived in the house, apart from the occasional spot-wash to remove specific spills. That is right. Now the floor cleaning tasks are set up in Todoist to be done every 2 weeks (let’s see if that is a realistic interval), starting today. And I did it.

Actually I had only the living room floor coming up in my agenda today, but once I’d started I decided to go on with the other floors and set them up as recurring tasks as well, starting today so they’ll always tend to come up together.

This is what my karma trend looks like: the top line, under 21 September, is full of green colour. All the green colour is the floors being cleaned today.

Print screen: karma trends show lots of activity today. Todoist anno September 2013