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A Lovely Bouquet from Lori!

Boquet for Mados

… of A Quiet Week in the House. Thank you so much Lori for creating this amazing artwork! This makes me very happy every time I look at it.

From Lori’s comments, the flower vase is an ear to appreciate one “hearing” you without words, silent support… and it also refers to the over-sensitive hearing that gives problems with background noise.

And yes, the image makes sense to me in so many ways. It feels familiar and relevant yet strange. The flowers convey the idea of a unique sweet-sour taste of red berries and those specific soft white flowers, lemon (?), ancient science & scriptures, and decorative stingy bushes and ferns. Symbolically, the image seems to carry a message about the beauty of receptiveness; listening to friends; inspiration from listening; uniqueness and trustworthiness.

The ear makes particular personal sense to me. If I was to draw my own unique Sensory Homunculus based on my intuition, then the ears would be huge on the drawing. Ears, hands, feet, and skin surfaces would be giant features.

Ears are not just hearing-tools. Hearing is just one of he ways the ears assist (or obstruct) interaction with the surroundings. The skin on the ears senses subtle air flows in the surroundings, and the ears move subtly and change expression in response to feelings and sensory inputs. They are fine tuned communication organs in more than one way.

The ears are important instruments for sensing my own position in a space and estimate how far away the edges are. I like that a lot when I walk down the street or navigate a crowd, or even drive in my car with the windows open. When that function is switched off, then moving in a space tends to feel fumbling and unstructured.

When I imagine calming rhythms and sounds and sensations that help me align my inner rhythm with that of the surroundings, then it feels like they happen in the ears, although I do of course know that it is an imaginary activity that happens inside the brain.

Ears are also too wide open giant receptors that allow all the noise of the world to pass straight into my head and flood my mind like a cacophonous wild ocean (that is what a shopping mall sounds like, for example). No thanks to the ears for that.

The image remind me what I like to be: I like to be a good listener. I like to be a good friend. I like to learn. I like to grow from the inspiration I take in from other people. Thank you 🙂


Food Shopping

Food Shopping. Reblogged from Eating Off Plastic.

This is precisely what grocery shopping is like! Well told & illustrated by Kelly Dillon.

History of Bad Parties

clipart of disco dancers with a disco ball and glitter, blue colours

In my youth years, I felt I had to take the opportunities I got to meet people and go to parties so that I could say (if asked) that I had been to a party fairly recently. It was my impression that young people who didn’t go to parties were losers, and I didn’t want to be one of those, at least not that obviously.