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Curing Telephobia: Part I.

Phone work isn’t my cup of tea. I don’t like phone calls – neither to get them nor make them. However, I think it is time to declare myself cured of Telephobia.

I now get my phone calls done and pick up the phone when it rings with no severe hesitance. I feel that I am competent enough on the phone. I might even be friendly. It is just an act I play, like a hat I take on. I still hate most phone calls, but still. It works.


Telephone box

Why phones are bad

Phone calls are by their very nature sudden and intrusive. They always interrupt something else and cause a sudden change in context, coming out of nowhere. I don’t like that, and I don’t like that I don’t know and can’t see the context of the person who talks. It makes it hard to grasp what the person means (especially with noise on the line) and easy to make mistakes.

I don’t like to make calls for these reasons in reverse. I assume that I interrupt what people are into when I call them, and that it irritates them. I find it hard to believe that anyone would like to get a phone call. But I do know that it’s a fallacy on my side – that I expect people to be xenophobic and inflexible on the phone just because I am.

Which they might be… if they have Telephobia.


Telephobia - cartoon

Cartoon by Pete Davison – Illustration for his post Telephobia.

Telephobia is an unofficial sub-diagnosis under Social Anxiety that means ‘fear or dread of phone calls’. It usually causes poor to hopeless phone manners due to irrational panic reactions.