Sensory integration issues

Recommended articles by other bloggers about sensory processing problems and how they can manifest in different types of situations.

What is sensory processing issues

  • Sensory Processing Nine insightful articles by Cynthia Kim about sensory processing issues. I can warmly recommend all of them, and the massive comment tracks are also a great source of insights into many different peoples’ experiences with sensory processing issues.
  • Survey: Sensory Sensitivites and Work/School Strategies by Cynthia Kim. The comment track is a goldmine of insights, and extremely well organised because the responses are numbered according to the survey questions. It gives a sense of the variety of sensory sensitivities and coping strategies applied by a huge variety of persons with sensory processing problems.


Boquet for Mados
Artwork by Lori of A Quiet Week in the House


Sensory seeking and stimming

Stimming is a nickname for self-stimulating behaviours, and refers to repetitive and sensory sensation-seeking self-soothing, self-calming or self-stimulating behaviours. Stims can be obvious and eye catching such as strong rocking, hand flapping, or spinning, or subtle such as discreet rocking, humming, nail biting, twirling hair, touching specific fabrics over and over, sniffing specific scents to self-calm, et.c. While almost all people stim in some form on occasion, frequent and sometimes odd looking stims are usually characteristic of autism and sensory processing disorder.

  • Sensory seeking by Cynthia Kim. About sensory seeking activities and the difference between sensory seeking and stimming.


Autism & Stimming: Insider Perspectives, by Paul Isaac.


  • Why do we flap our hands? by Unstrange Minds. About the diversity in motivations for stimming, featuring another YouTube video about stimming.

Strategies for dealing with sensory overload

  • Sensory Diet by Cynthia Kim (not about food diets). Occupational Therapy strategies to “fulfil everyday sensory needs and improve self-regulation with a specific selection of sensory activities”.
  • Sensory Solutions by Andraya. A specific a solution to a specific tactile sensitivity problem: skin itching after showers, solved by brushing the skin with a comb. I thought it is a good reminder that sometimes it is possible to find technical sensory solutions to sensory problems such as ear plugs, sun glasses, specific stims or as here, brushing the skin with a comb.

Shopping and sensory overload

  • Food shopping by Kelly Dillon. The nightmare of grocery shopping illustrated in cartoon form.

Going out with sensory processing issues

  • Filling In the Blanks by Alex Forshaw. Great post about how it feels when words are cut out from conversations by background noise
  • A Voice in a Fake World by Jeannie Davide-Rivera. About sensory overload interfering with a cafe visit with friends.

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  • Eating off Plastic. kelly Dillon’s great cartoon blog about Sensory Processing Disorder and related issues.



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