Asperger Syndrome

This blog evolves quite a lot around Asperger Syndrome* – often subtly, but sometimes directly: puzzling together many life story pieces and concluding: “this, as a whole, is some sort of picture of Asperger Syndrome”. Key posts about coming to terms with the aspie label & identity include:

My Asperger Journey
To Pass or Not to Pass
History of Bad Parties
Paradoxes in social competency and the criteria for Asperger syndrome
Important types of mental coherence

Additionally, there are many posts about life aspects such as work or social life, from a perspective framed by the many underlying sensory, social, and executive function issues associated with autism. Please use the categories, tags or the search function in the sidebar to find posts about specific aspects.

* Now, in some countries, officially called Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Level 1, but I find the label Asperger Syndrome more accurate & relatable in my case