Self-employment Stories

  • To wear professional hats is about representing organisations in professional communication. It describes a service recovery carried out in the role of the online store’s virtual customer service department.


Instagrammed photo of lots of hat (for sale)


Freelance work via virtual freelance boards

Online outsourcing boards for freelancers is one way to find work as a newbie freelancer; usually through some sort of bidding system in competition with other virtual freelancers from all over the world.

  • Does online freelance work pay off? is about the International virtual freelancing bidding system and whether it is worthwhile pursuing for someone who doesn’t live in a third world country.


Related stories

  • The Self-Employed Aspie. Series by Musings of an Aspie based on her own experiences. She provides helpful tips and characteristically well organised overviews over some of the main challenges and pros/cons of being a self-employed aspie



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