Copyright and Permissions

© Mados 2011- 2100*. Unauthorised reproduction/duplication of the content of this website without written permission from this blog’s author is prohibited.

However, the following use of content is allowed as long as this blog is acknowledged as the source, and direction to the original content provided if relevant:

  • Print, download and duplication of content for personal, non-commercial use
  • Quoting taken from posts, comments and other content in a meaningful context (no need to ask for permission). Except:
  • Use of any content for devious purposes is disallowed, such as insinuating my support for cases I do not support, harassment of anyone, and any junk use such as scraping and spam

Image Credits

Most images used on this blog are copied or derived from graphics and photographs downloaded from OpenClipart.Org, Morguefile and other websites that provide images free for use under a Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication License or similar.

Some illustrations are my own photos or artwork, or derived thereof.

Some illustrations on older posts were found with Google Images and while most should link to the source/hopefully the owner, others may be of unknown origin. In case of any issue with my use of any image as illustration, please don’t hesitate to let me know and provide a link so I can find & remove the image in question immediately.

Image Permissions

Illustrations derived from clipart and photography downloaded under a Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication License, Sharealike or similar licence may be used and reworked under an equivalent Creative Commons License, or without any restrictions, depending on the original license.

Illustrations consisting of my own photos except those that show people or animals (for privacy reasons – just ask to clarify for any specific photograph if this is an issue), and illustrations derived from my photos or artwork may be used under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Sharealike Licence. If in doubt, just ask!

Creative Commons Licence

*so I don’t need to remember to update this post very often


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